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Friday, February 25, 2005
SMA-NA: Search Marketing Association - North America

In an attempt to create a better search engine marketing professional organization or SEMPO, Ian McAnerin and company have been hard at work these past few months in developing their version of a premier "member-focused" SEM organization. Last week their efforts paid off.

On Friday the Search Marketing Association - North America, better known as SMA-NA, had officially launched its new website and forum and had opened its doors to the SEM community. With its counterparts SMA-UK (United Kingdom) and SMA-EU (Europe) already in motion and showing a bit of success, SMA-NA shows great promise. Its ideals and its goal of providing a more member-focused organization is exactly what the SEM community needs after SEMPO failed to do so.

It's still a bit early to tell exactly what kind of impact the SMA-NA will have on the search engine marketing industry, but its official launch couldn't have come at a better time. With the very popular Search Engine Strategies conferences being held next week in New York City, SMA-NA will no doubt be the topic of discussion amongst the attendees.

The organization is expected to have their first "official" meeting, or group discussion, at some point during the conference. I was told that the organization would use that time to properly address such topics as their foreseen role in the SEM industry, the benefits of joining and becoming a productive member in SMA-NA, and to outline the future goals and plans that the organization has in place. Of course this meeting will no doubt help to gather up a few new members and maybe even potentially steal a few from SEMPO, as I hear that a few have already jumped ship.

As it stands now, SMA-NA and SEMPO should have no problem co-existing and being productive in their efforts to educate the world on search marketing. In fact, the search marketing industry is quite large and continues to grow rapidly. In other words, there should be enough to go around.


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