Lycos Ends Search Partnership with Yahoo!

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Friday, March 04, 2005
Lycos Ends Search Partnership with Yahoo!

Announced this past Wednesday, the web portal Lycos will end its long-term relationship with Yahoo! in favor of using the Internet's favorite butler, Jeeves. As explained by Adam Sciroco of Lycos, a search-relationship with Ask Jeeves would provide Lycos with broader searching solutions than what Yahoo! is able to provide. The decision to switch from Yahoo! to Ask Jeeves should come as no shock as Ask Jeeves technology is already being used with other Lycos web properties.

While it has yet to be reported which "searching solutions" Yahoo! is unable to provide, I feel that Lycos replaced a perfectly good search-relationship for one that still remains to be taken seriously. And, for what?

There is no question that Ask Jeeves has great search tools and resources and currently does a fine job of syndicating its search technologies and advertising products to other websites, including, InfoSpace, BellSouth, and CNET Networks - the parent company of However, in my opinion Jeeves is not on the same playing level as Yahoo! Search.

I guess all there is to do now is wait and see how this change will affect Lycos in the long run... only time will tell on this matter.


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