Yahoo! Announces 'Music Search' Feature

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Friday, May 06, 2005
Yahoo! Announces 'Music Search' Feature

Web giant Yahoo! announced, well sort of announced, this week its plans for developing a search engine for finding downloadable songs and music data from across the Internet.

The Sunnyvale, California-based company is expected to introduce the music search engine sometime within the next couple of months. Yahoo!'s new technology will let people search on an artist's name, for example, and retrieve all the available songs from other music services, as well as album reviews and band information from Yahoo! Music.

Why is This Important

Yahoo! has invested heavily on music services, and considers audio and video cornerstones of the company's future. In addition to buying song outlet MusicMatch for $160 million, Yahoo! is working on another music service in conjunction with rival MusicNet. The company has also started to streamline its music and multimedia properties over the past several months, changing the name of its Launch site to Yahoo Music and consolidating its entertainment businesses.

Search technology is considered the key to navigating the Internet's growing music and video collections, as well as the Web itself. Yahoo! is not only developing media and online communities to lure visitors, but it is attempting to use its media-search engines to connect with Web surfers outside its network. That way, Yahoo! can build its audience and likely expand its multi-billion dollar search-advertising business.

My Thoughts

This move makes perfect sense. Yahoo! has access to a lot of music information and, in my opinion, music needs better search. By looking and focusing at the structured data of music - title, genre, etc. - Yahoo! could easily begin to provide a better search user-experience than that of their competitors.


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