Yahoo! Acquires Konfabulator

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Yahoo! Acquires Konfabulator

This past week Yahoo! announced its acquisition of software widget-engine Konfabulator. Konfabulator is a JavaScript run-time engine that allows users to run very small applications, or widgets, on either Windows or Mac systems. Yahoo! was said to have made this purchase as a way to spur third-party developers into creating new applications for their web services.

What Does Yahoo! Have Planned?

Konfabulator is one of many key pieces for accessing Internet content. With Yahoo! now in the picture, together they will be making these resources available to everyone in a format that's useable outside the traditional browser, as in XML feeds. These applications can perform any of a range of functions, from informing people of their Wi-Fi signal strength to dishing up the local weather to providing a battery monitor. There are literally hundreds of widgets available.

My Thoughts

This acquisition comes at a time where Yahoo! is looking for more ways to attract third-party developers, and get those developers involved with writing applications for Yahoo!'s content. Through this process, Yahoo! is hoping to put pressure on its rivals, Google and MSN, and create something unique. Personally, I believe acquiring Konfabulator was a great move on Yahoo!'s part, and I hope it pays off for them.


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