Google Unveils 'Blog Search' Feature

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Google has just launched their long awaited blog search feature - a product designed to not only find and index listings within it's own network, but actually go one step further and search all blogs that publish feeds via RSS or Atom. Google plans to dedicate specific spiders to crawling only blog feeds which in turn will allow them to maintain the absolute freshest blog index possible. This alone has given Google an enormous advantage over it's current competitors in the blog search market.

Google has provided access to their blog search tool at a several different places. The primary search tool can be found at the feature can be accessed at a couple of different places. If you interested in finding more blogs like mine, or those not related to search engine marketing check out However, miniature versions of this tool have been set up across other Google properties including Blogger's dashboard.

My Thoughts

There's no doubt that blog content is hot right now. Personally, I enjoy reading blogs as content is often written in a more casual conversation-like way as opposed to what one might find from a book, magazine, or news site. Blogs allow writers to be personable and share their own opinions which is something I prefer to read. I believe many would agree with me on this. With that, it makes perfect sense for search engines like Google and Yahoo! to try and help their users to search and find their desired blog content. The search engine that can do this the best will ultimately win that user's loyalty. Google understands this, and has created one incredible blog searching tool which I feel is an instant threat to it's competitors.


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