3 Simple Strategies for Better PPC Budgeting

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Monday, August 27, 2007

3 Simple Strategies for Better PPC BudgetingIn this article, I outline 3-simple budgeting strategies that have personally helped me to become a better Pay Per Click management specialist. While these suggestions are not likely to apply to every company, industry, or campaign, paid search marketers should find at least one of these budgeting tips to be useful in their efforts.

3 Simple Strategies for Better PPC Budgeting

The following are 3-simple strategies for better PPC budgeting. While these suggestions are not likely to apply to every company, industry, or campaign, I'm sure you'll find at least one to be useful in your Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing efforts. Give these a shot.

Don't Spread Your Budget Too Thin

Should your company have a small-to-medium sized PPC budget, it is best that you not divide it into too many parts... say Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask. Instead invest most, if not all, of your PPC budget into one search engine. Doing so will allow your company to adequately compete, in terms of getting top PPC positioning, in at least one front, as opposed to having borderline medium-level or poor positioning on all fronts.

Advertise Where It Makes Sense

It's quite common to know that advertising specific industries on certain search engines may actually work better than others. Take for instance the finance industry (stocks, taxes, banking, and investing). Because of the sheer nature of the MSN audience, these companies are better suited to advertise on Microsoft's PPC platform as opposed to Yahoo's or Google's platform. And vise versa depending on other industries. I suggest that you review your advertising options thoroughly and determine which PPC providers provide the best return for your specific industry... then simply allocate your budget accordingly.

Stay in Season

If your company's products or services happen to revolve around specific seasons or other set time frames, I recommend minimizing your PPC spend during "off-season" months while increasing spend just before and during "in-season" months. Dividing your budget as so for each of your campaigns (across all PPC platforms) will ensure that you have the necessary funding available for when advertising becomes the most profitable.


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