6 Ideas for Making Hootsuite Better

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

6 Ideas for Making Hootsuite BetterHootsuite is an amazing social networking tool that simplifies the need of managing multiple social media channels across multiple client campaigns. Hootsuite users can update their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts from their Hootsuite dashboard, as opposed to using a separate source for each, making the managing of multiple clients much easier.

6 Ideas for Making Hootsuite Better

Hootsuite is an amazing social networking tool that simplifies the need of managing multiple social media channels across multiple client campaigns. Hootsuite users can update their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ping.FM and WordPress accounts from their Hootsuite dashboard, as opposed to using a separate source for each. This, of course, makes the managing of multiple clients and accounts much, much easier.

When asked, most users will say their favorite feature is the ability to update multiple social channels at one time and from one location, and rightfully so. However, Hootsuite offers additional features that alone make the tool worth using. For example, Hootsuite provides users the ability to create personalized Twitter and Facebook streams for monitoring updates, the ability to schedule future tweets, the ability to see click and interaction analytics, and the ability to auto-publish using RSS feeds. What once took several tools to do, now only takes Hootsuite.

My Recommendations for Making Hootsuite Better

I would like to state that I am proud user of Hootsuite, and have been for more than a year. In fact, I use Hootsuite every day to manage my personal social marketing initiatives, as well as those of my clients. I highly recommend others give it a try. Regardless if you're managing a single campaign or many, Hootsuite will simplify the social marketing process.

As is the case with any tool, program, or application, there is always room for improvements. The following are 6 ideas that I'd very much like to see added to Hootsuite for I know these updates will greatly improve the overall value of the tool.

Automatic Private Message to New Followers

I would love the ability to send a direct message to every new Twitter follower I receive automatically. For example, "thanks for following me" or "I'm an Internet marketer and post on these topics". I feel this feature would help to build engagement and spark conversations between users and their new followers.

Furthermore, this feature could also be used to fulfill direct marketing offers. For example, following us on Twitter and receive 10% off of your next sale. Hootsuite could then be set up to automatically send new followers the necessary coupon code when a user receives a new follow.

Allow for more than 10 RSS/Atom Feeds

Hootsuite has this amazing feature that allows users to link RSS feeds to their account and create custom messaging so that when an RSS feed is updated a tweet or update is automatically generated and published to selected social networks. This is a great tool for syndicating a company blog and/or an industry news site directly into one's twitter or Facebook stream.

However, the problem that I have with this feature is that Hootsuite limits users to only 10 feeds. Obviously, having an unlimited number of feeds is probably out of the question, but I strongly feel that 10 feeds is too limiting, especially when considering that their platform was built to help social marketers manage multiple campaigns at the same time. I would love to see Hootsuite extend this limit to something like 20 or 30 feeds per account.

Provide a Post After or Post-fix Option for RSS/Atom Feeds

When customizing RSS syndication for your account, Hootsuite allows users to enter a 20 character prefix that will be added to each of their auto tweets/updates. What I'd like to see provided is an option that will allow users the ability to also add a 20 character post-fix to each tweet/update. This option is currently available with TwitterFeed, and I love using it. I use this feature to better customize my auto-messaging by appending a "call to action" or a closing statement to each of my RSS updates.

Create a Full Version iPhone App

Yes, Hootsuite has a downloadable iPhone app and yes it is extremely cool. The app syncs directly with the main web application, and provides users with the ability to manage their Hootsuite account via an iPhone. However, the problem that I have with the Hootsuite iPhone app and one I'd like to see addressed is that it is very limiting in that it only works with Twitter, and none of the other social networking channels the main platform works with. I'd gladly pay for a full version iPhone app - one that allowed me to access all my tabs and publish to multiple social networks.

Side-ways Keyboard compatibility with iPhone

This would seem like a no-brainer, but for whatever reason Hootsuite doesn't utilize the iPhone's side-ways keyboard compatibility - where if the phone is turned on its side the keyboard and message area also turn and become wider. This feature would make it easier for fat-thumbed individuals, like myself, to enter updates.

Spreadsheet Upload for Future Tweets

One of the coolest features, if not the coolest, that Hootsuite offers is the ability to create tweets / updates and schedule them to be posted at any day and time in the future. This is great tool for say small businesses that wish to participate on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, but are very limited in the amount of time they can allocate to doing so. Small business can create their Twitter and Facebook messaging when time allows, and schedule them to be posted during those times that aren't convenient to do so.

With that, I'd like the ability to create and upload future tweets/updates via a spreadsheet. I currently use a spreadsheet now to manage my messaging (as I imagine most people do when planning social marketing campaigns using Twitter and Facebook), and it would be amazing if users had the option to simply upload their excel file directly to Hootsuite. This would eliminate having to copy and paste each update separately, which would make me and other users extremely happy.


What do you think? If you're a current Hootsuite user, which ideas and features do you have or want to see implemented?


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  1. HootSuite, listen up!! I (and many others) would LOVE #6!!! What a time saver that would be. I've been searching for anything that would allow this, and being a current subscriber to HootSuite, I would love to have this availability without having yet another service to go to!
    By Anonymous Anonymous on February 16, 2010
  2. Can't comment on the iPhone ideas, but everything else mentioned is "spot-on". Great post, Karl!
    By Blogger WebPro360 on May 14, 2010
  3. Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments.
    By Blogger Karl Ribas on May 14, 2010

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